preserve + protect

Seamzeazy is the original LP vinyl jacket repair kit. Seamzeazy strips are permanent adhesive paper repair strips that are placed inside of the LP jacket to fix the edge seam.

To Preserve + Protect Your Vinyl

Seamzeazy is evolving into your one stop shop for the latest in innovative products for the record collecting and music loving community. It all started with the Seamzeazy Record Repair Strips, and now we are following up with the innovative Seamzeazy Record Tote. Continuing the pursuit of delivering products that help you Preserve + Protect your collections, we will also be launching a new record cleaning brush unlike anything else available. Watch for updates!

Seamzeazy Record Repair Strips are the pre-formed, pre-cut, reinforced edge, pressure sensitive adhesive repair strip, designed to preserve and protect your collection...and NO EXPOSED TAPE!

A great alternative to tape in many cases, once placed Seamzeazy Repair Strips have the potential to preserve and protect your vinyl for a lifetime.