preserve + protect

Seamzeazy is the original LP vinyl jacket repair kit. Seamzeazy strips are permanent adhesive paper repair strips that are placed inside of the LP jacket to fix the edge seam.

Seamzeazy LP Record Jacket Repair Strips are considered best for older jackets that have completely worn through or torn jacket edges. The "seam ripper" or "seam cutter" are not intended to destroy a good structural edge- it should only be used to separate the few remaining shreds of paper of a very damaged jacket. Use Seamzeazy strips if your record is falling out, about to push through the edge seam, or if the seam is about to separate, and where there is no inside glue flap to re-glue. Seamzeazy Record Jacket Repair Strips are a great alternative to tape in many cases, and once they are placed they have the potential to preserve and protect your vinyl for a lifetime.